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About Us

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WASTEWATER TREATMENT does not have to involve a heavy investment in expensive, large treatment plants. Wastewater Compliance Systems’ Bio-Domes remove nutrients at a fraction of the cost and operating expenses of mechanical plants.


Developed by University of Utah professors Kraig Johnson and Larry Reaveley, Bio-Domes’ award-winning, patented technology consists of concentrically nested domes that are infused with air from the bottom. They sit on the floor of a lagoon and are completely submerged. As water flows through them, bottom-to-top, beneficial bacteria (biofilms) effectively reduce ammonia-nitrogen, BOD, and TSS in wastewater. Unlike other systems, the growth of the naturally occurring bio-films is maximized by the way in which oxygen is optimally guided through the domes by their geometry.


Wastewater Compliance Systems, Inc. (WCS) is a provider of submerged bio-reactors used to enhance the biological activity of treatment systems in order to reduce ammonia, BOD and TSS concentrations. Our goal is to help communities comply with state and federal environmental regulations without resorting to expensive mechanical plants. Whether yours is an existing system, or new construction, Bio-Domes can help minimize the expense of your treatment system.