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Bio-Dome Pilot Test Information

If you are an engineer, lagoon operator or community interested in utilizing Bio-Domes in your wastewater treatment facility, please contact Wastewater Compliance Systems (WCS) for more information. WCS is happy to share (non-confidential) data from past pilots or to discuss the logistics of performing an on-site pilot at your facility. The real-time performance of our Bio-Dome product speaks for itself, and we encourage our clients to put our bio-dome technologies to the test. Field data and operating performance will demonstrate that our solution is one of the most economical and effective wastewater technologies on the market today.

The Warm Weather Packaged Pilot:

warmWCS has assembled a pilot package for use as a turnkey pilot test. The package consists of a re-purposed dumpster, multiple Bio-Dome units, a blower to provide air, a pump to provide flow from the lagoon of interest into the tank, and all of the associated hoses and pipes. The intent is to provide a package that can be placed adjacent to a lagoon and operating within hours. The only outside requirement necessary for the pilot test is electricity. Lab fees and power consumption are the responsibility of the community. Because this pilot is designed to sit above ground and is not insulated or heated in any fashion, this is only suitable for studies where icing is not a possibility.

The Cold Weather Packaged Pilot:


If icing is likely during the course of the pilot study, WCS has developed a packaged pilot system superficially for cold weather. Consisting of a 20-foot cargo container, WCS has insulated and provided adequate heating to both the interior and the inlet/outlet feed lines to prevent icing during the winter months. The system is designed to be placed adjacent to the lagoon. The wastewater is pumped from the lagoon into a tank containing a single Bio-Dome. The cargo container is equipped with everything necessary to operate the pilot study including a 4-channel temperature data logger. As with the warm weather pilot unit, communities are responsible for providing electricity and paying all lab fees. Click on the video below to see a walk through of one of our cold weather units in action.

Bio-Dome Pilot Test – For More Information