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Archie, MO

Archie, MO


Richard Lightfoot stumbled onto WCS through the Discovery News app on his iphone. At the time (January 2011) Archie was looking at a $2 Million project that involved abandoning their lagoons and building an SBR plant. Richard contacted WCS to see if we could deliver on our claims of being able to help communities save money on their wastewater plants. Essentially, Archie was only struggling to meet their winter month ammonia limits.   The lagoon has operated as a purely facultative system since its original construction, and is still performing very well in removing BOD and TSS from the water.

Solution & Results

Shortly after the initial contact with Richard, WCS signed JCI Industries up as the local representative in Missouri. Working with JCI and the cities’ consulting engineer REO Engineering, WCS was able to put together an ammonia removal upgrade plan for under $300,000. $70,000 of which was for 20 Bio-Domes to act as a final polishing step in the third cell to remove the ammonia before final discharge. The installation was completed mid October, 2011. Below is the data collected from November 2011 through April 2012. The spikes in the Ammonia levels in March 2012 were a result of blower issues.


Customer Feedback

Richard and the City Council members are all very excited about the fact that they were able to avoid spending $2 Million on their wastewater plant. Rich also sent us the picture to the right showing the Bio-Dome’s effect on the algae in their third cell during the summer of 2012.