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Lee Mobile Home Park – Dolores, CO

Lee Mobile Home Park – Dolores, CO


Rick found WCS through our website while looking for a solution to his problems. Rick owns a 59 unit mobile home park with a very small lagoon system providing treatment for the collected waste.   Rick was having troubles meeting the limits set for him by the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE). While small, Rick’s wastewater plant is well run and provides great treatment during the warmer months. Unfortunately the winter months cause problems for him. The combined proven winter performance and the low capital and O&M costs appealed to Rick from the very beginning.

Solution & Results

On March 5, 2012 WCS delivered 6 units to Rick for installation in his third cell as a final polishing step of his wastewater before entering into the chlorine contact chamber.   Rick is a real do-it yourself type and plans on building the air distribution system over the next few months and installing the Bio-Domes in his ponds sometime in the late spring to let them get established over the summer months.

After their first winter of operation Rick is very excited about the performance he observed (see the note below). In spite of a few hiccups due to operational changes this winter, the Bio-Domes have been providing a level of treatment that far exceeds the historic results of Rick’s ponds.

Customer Feedback

WCS received this feedback in August 2012: “We first got air to them (the poo-gloos) in place on the 21st of July. I am, however, really excited over what I’ve observed is going on in cell 3- the poo-gloo unit. After refilling the unit [cell 3] we had an algae bloom of near record proportions. Gradually the bloom subsided and we are at a point of clarity and tint (almost no green tint whatsoever) that I have never observed in cell 3 previously. Obviously the poo-gloos are working on the nutrient level fairly aggressively already.” – Rick Lee