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Bacteria that exist naturally in most bodies of water is capable of achieving some degree of nitrification and denitrification. Unfortunately, suspended growth bacteria is not effective enough for wastewater treatment in the face of the ever-increasing regulations imposed on treatment facilities. Large mechanical plants are able to achieve effective nitrification and denitrification inexpensive processes such as MBBR’s. Until recently, smaller treatment facilities that rely on lagoons haven’t had an effective alternative for improving the nitrification and denitrification in their ponds. WCS developed the Bio-Domes specifically for the small wastewater treatment facilities. The bio-film that grows in the Bio-Domes creates a robust colony of bacteria capable of achieving treatment levels that are comparable to some mechanical systems.

Below are a few examples of the Bio-Dome performance in removing ammonia and reducing total nitrogen concentrations. More information is available upon request.

Ammonia Removal From Wastewater Lagoons

Nitrification & Denitrification Results

Onsite Cold Weather Nitrification Results

The data below was developed as part of an on-site study for one of our customers. A few Bio-Domes were installed in a temporary pond adjacent to the larger lagoon. Water was pumped from the lagoon into the pond and allowed to flow back into the lagoon. The customer was not interested in denitrifcation, so the air was left on continuously. Samples were taken weekly to prove the nitrification efficacy of the technology and the information gathered was used to create the full scale design. The study resulted in a full scale installation.