BOD levels are one of the primary control parameters of every wastewater treatment facility in the U.S.A. In addition to the need for BOD reduction for the sake of meeting regulatory limits, BOD must also be below 40 mg / L before effective and significant nitrification removal can begin. The original Bio-Dome, while capable of removing BOD, was developed primarily for ammonia removal. WCS has recently developed a new Bio-Dome design, the Bio-Dome 400, that is capable of achieving removal rates 2x – 4x greater than the original Bio-Dome.

Below are results from in house testing as well as full-scale installations. Additional data is available on request.


Full Scale Installation Results

The chart below was developed using COD measurements, but considering that the Bio-Domes were the only process in place to enhance the BOD removal rates, it is a pretty good indicator of the effectiveness of Bio-Domes as a means of reducing BOD concentrations. This installation is using the original Bio-Domes for BOD removal in a small section of pond #2 (see the “Days in Lagoon System” figure) that was sectioned off using a hanging curtain to ensure the water flows through “Bio-Dome alley”. Originally, the facility utilized a six cell lagoon system to treat their water. Since the installation of the Bio-Domes, the facility has stopped using three of the cells and is able to remain in compliance.

On-site BOD Reduction Results

The data below was developed as part of an on-site study for one of our customers. A few Bio-Domes were installed in a temporary pond adjacent to the larger lagoon. Water was pumped from the lagoon into the pond and allowed to flow back into the lagoon. Samples were taken weekly to prove the BOD removal efficacy of the technology and the information gathered was used to create the full scale design. The study resulted in a full scale installation.