NewsHappy 12th Anniversary Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell!

December 15, 2016by admin0

Happy 12th Anniversary Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell!

– Over 1600 Units in Operation in 20 Lagoons Cleaning Our Nationwide Water Supply Every Day!


Summary: The Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell has been successfully treating wastewater since 2004. The Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell is an aerated, submergible, fixed-film reactor capable of enhancing the treatment capabilities (algae, solids, BOD, nitrogen and odors) of wastewater lagoons without significant infrastructure changes. Additionally, the Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell also provide excellent treatment capabilities in colder northern climates particularly with respect to nitrification. This system consumes minimal energy, requires little oversight, and offers a superior option compared to expensive mechanical treatment systems. WCS (Wastewater Compliance Systems, Inc) was formed in 2008 to commercialize this patented Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell system. Since the fall of 2008, WCS have helped over 20 communities around the country save millions of dollars by helping them keep their wastewater lagoons in compliance by installing this Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell system. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) both endorse the patented Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell technology. In recent years, WCS has assisted facilities in meeting their lowered phosphorus and total nitrogen limits. Besides treating municipal wastewater, the Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell can also treat algae blooms in freshwater, deicing chemicals runoff, landfill leachate, and agricultural wastewater.

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