Impaired Waters


Over the last 30 years, nutrient pollution has become one of the major issues threatening the water ways around the U.S. Severe algae blooms and the corresponding hypoxic zone are a problem that will not go away alone. The U.S. EPA has been aggressively working with state regulators to limit the amount of point-source nutrient pollution around the country, and particularly in sensitive watersheds such as the Chesapeake Bay and the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, the amount of pollution from non-point source polluters is still negatively affecting our nation’s water ways, creating eutrophic zones as well as unsightly algae blooms.

Is There a Solution?

There are currently no technologies or methods to reduce the amount of non-point source nutrient pollution, which means the treatment has to happen once the pollution has already reached the waterways. WCS believes the Bio-Domes may offer an economic means of removing the nutrients from the water and restoring the water to a more pristine condition. Bio-Domes offer the following benefits.
  • Bio-Domes are exceptionally efficient aeration devices which will increase the amount of DO in the waterways, minimizing the chances of hypoxic zones.
  • Bio-Domes are capable of removing nitrates as well as ammonia and nitrites through an air-cycling regime.
  • In addition to nutrient removal, creating a thriving bio-film has the potential to remove other waterborne contaminants. “If there is food, they will eat it.”
  • WCS has also observed a significant reduction in algae after the installation of Bio-Domes in a system. The bio-film will consume single cell algae and slow the growth of larger strains of algae.
  • Because of the low power requirements of the Bio-Domes, it is possible to create a system that operates off-grid. This is a significant feature in that it saves money on infrastructure installation as well as allowing for the application of Bio-Domes in remote locations.

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