Even though Bio-Domes were originally developed for use in municipal markets, WCS began expanding into the industrial wastewater treatment market beginning in 2010. Our patented technologies offer a cost effective solution for industrial customers in need of expansion or enhanced treatment solutions. Considering the diversity of needs within the industrial wastewater treatment community, if we feel like our products will not be the best solution for your needs we will tell you so and help you get in touch with a product that can better meet the needs of your application.

Bio-Dome Solutions

In addition to the core focus of BOD, Ammonia, and TSS reduction, Bio-Domes can be used to expand the treatment capacity of a lagoon without physically enlarging the lagoon. Also, because our systems encourage the propagation of existing biological activity, Bio-Domes should be considered for applications beyond the traditional focus. Bio-Domes offer a large surface area for bio-film development and an efficient nutrient delivery system capable of delivering air, CO2 or any other gas necessary to provide the bio-film with the nutrients necessary for robust activity.

Potential Applications

Bio-Domes can be used in any of the following applications:

  • Refineries
  • Drilling sites
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Dairies and dairy processing facilities
  • Wineries
  • Animal farms
  • Food processing facilities