Wastewater Compliance Systems (WCS) developed the biodomes for privately owned, small and large municipalities. We understand that as regulations become more stringent not every community can afford to upgrade their facilities to a mechanical plant. Bio-Domes offer the ability to enhance the performance of a wastewater lagoon treatment system at a fraction of the cost of mechanical plants and still maintain compliance. Communities all over the country have begun approaching WCS looking for an alternative that will keep them in compliance without breaking the bank. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of our innovative Wastewater Lagoon Treatment System:

WCS Performance


Developed over the last decade, the Bio-Dome is the culmination of the combined efforts of many engineers, academics, and researchers. Designed to create a wastewater lagoon treatment system that is capable of producing results similar to those achieved by mechanical plants. Bio-Domes offer small communities the ability to remain in compliance without the huge expenses associated with mechanical plants.

Energy Savings

The Bio-Domes use approximately 1/3 the energy of a comparable fine bubble diffuser system and 1/10 the energy of surface aerators while still maintaining a superior level of performance! Because of the low energy needs, it is possible to design a Bio-Dome system that is 100% powered by solar, wind, or tidal energy. Bio-Domes are truly a “green” wastewater lagoon treatment system.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Bio-Domes are constructed out of plastic, concrete, and stainless steel, with no moving parts underwater. The only mechanical components that require regular maintenance are the easily accessible blower that sits on the side of the lagoon and the air hoses that have an 18-month cleaning cycle that can be performed from the shore. The simple and efficient design of the Bio-Domes results in a system that requires minimum oversight and maintenance, freeing up operators to spend their time on other projects.