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Across the nation wastewater lagoons are experiencing lowered phosphorus discharge limits. WCS’ pilot test has shown that a next generation Bio-Dome system can reduce total phosphorus (TP) to less than 0.5 mg/L with low capital and O&M expense.

Introduction: Recently, wastewater lagoons are experiencing strict phosphorus discharge limits. Apart from nitrogen, phosphorus also causes eutrophication. Phosphorus input is more critical than nitrogen since phosphorus is a growth-limiting nutrient for the growth of organisms and can limit the primary use of a receiving body of water. A small portion of phosphorus is removed naturally through regular lagoon biological treatment, and some phosphorus is also removed by assimilation into the biomass of algae cells. But it is still difficult to meet the restrictive effluent standards with only natural processes. So additional treatment within lagoons is necessary.

WCS’ Solution: WCS is currently designing a next generation fixed film bio-reactor system to enhance phosphorus removal in the lagoon. This fixed-film bio-reactor system combines chemical phosphorus precipitation methods with biological uptake. The pilot data shows that the Bio-Dome systems reduce total phosphorus to <0.5mg/L and ortho-phosphorus to <0.25mg/L.

Summary: When considered alongside the effective treatment of phosphorus, WCS’s Bio-Domes begin to display an all-around value for improving the water quality of the treated effluent in a wastewater lagoon. In future, the next generation Bio-Dome system will be installed in full-scale to meet stringent effluent P concentration.  Furthermore, the modified Bio-Dome system requires less chemicals, consumes minimum energy, requires little oversight, and offers a superior option for wastewater lagoons compared to other technologies and expensive mechanical treatment systems.

Key Benefits of the Bio-Dome®:


  1. A Bio-Dome® system represents the least expensive treatment upgrade available in terms of both capital expense as well as O&M expense.
  2. An upgrade utilizing Bio-Domes will not require operators with additional training, certification, and/or a higher pay grade.
  3. The Bio-Dome® system is intended to be a modular, expandable, system that is capable of growing with the facility over the next 20+ years.
  4. The Bio-Dome® system can be coupled with other, more conventional, technologies to address future Phosphorous or Total Nitrogen limits.
  5. Because of energy efficiency, the Bio-Dome® system can be considered “green” and will aid in qualifying the facility for Energy Efficiency grants if any are available through utility providers.

Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell® is featured in “Principles of Design and Operations of Wastewater Treatment Pond Systems for Plant Operators, Engineers, and Managers” (EPA/600/R-11/088).

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