Bio-DomeNewsOregon DEQ Has Approved a Full-Scale Installation of WCS Bio-Dome System for Lagoon Ammonia Removal in Vernonia

November 1, 2017by admin0

Salt Lake City, October 16, 2017 – The city of Vernonia will install WCS Bio-Dome nitrification system in November 2017. Among other remediation options, including mechanical treatment systems, Bio-Domes were chosen based upon their proven performance, low capital and operating costs, and energy efficiency.

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) endorsed the patented Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell technology in 2012 by voting WCS the annual recipient of its coveted Innovative Technology Award for efficient reduction of nutrients from wastewater. The Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell is an aerated, submergible, bio-film reactor used to reduce various contaminants from water. This patented system is effective even in cold environments to help communities meet year round ammonia requirements.

The city of Vernonia minimized its capital investment costs for the lagoon’s upgrade by choosing Bio-Domes, and will continue to enjoy monthly operating savings due to lower maintenance costs and energy savings compared to alternative solutions. WCS offers protection to its customers by providing a product warranty which includes a performance guarantee.

Exciting news! WCS are extremely pleased to announce that a new product – Dome Diffuser/Shell Diffuser – will be launched in November 2017! Dome Diffuser/Shell Diffuser can be used to introduce oxygen into water in an efficient and economical way.

About WCS (Wastewater Compliance Systems) was formed in 2008 to commercialize a patented Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell system. This system provides a large aerated surface and unique aeration pattern on a small footprint, accelerating the ability of beneficial bacteria to grow and breakdown undesirable pollutants to provide cleaner water. This system consumes minimum energy, requires little oversight, and offers a superior option compared to expensive mechanical treatment systems. Currently, the Bio-Dome system has been approved in many states, and operates successfully in communities around the United States and Canada.

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