About Bio-Domes

Wastewater Compliance System’s award-winning, patented Bio‐Domes are intended for use as a means of increasing the naturally occurring biological activity in a water body. They sit on the floor of a lagoon and are completely submerged. The Bio‐Domes enhance the naturally occurring biology by providing 2800 square feet of surface area per unit, a gas delivery mechanism capable of providing air or more specific gasses as necessary, an environment protected from UV light, and significant mixing action to ensure nutrient availability to the biology as it grows.

When used in a wastewater lagoon, the enhanced biology is capable of accelerating the nitrification of ammonium and the subsequent denitrification of nitrates and nitrites. Additionally, the gas delivery/aeration design helps reduce BOD levels. As organic material is consumed by the bacteria, overall TSS levels are reduced. The airlift action created within the Bio‐Domes is the mechanism behind the mixing action and helps delay the buildup of sludge on the bottom of the lagoon.