ALBERTACoaldale, Alberta


In August of 2012, Gary contacted WCS looking for more information on the Bio-Domes as a potential solution for their wastewater lagoons. The Coaldale lagoons currently have diffused aeration in place but it is at the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. Additionally Coaldale is anticipating the need for additional treatment capabilities to provide year round nitrification as that has become a bigger issue at the Federal level within Canada. In an effort to proactively address their anticipated needs, Coaldale commissioned a 12 month pilot study on site to determine the effectiveness of the Bio-Domes as a possible solution for their system.

Solution & Results

WCS delivered the pilot unit to Coaldale on June, 19 2013 during the wettest week of the year. The pilot unit will run continuously at a one (1) day retention time for the next 12 months, with weekly sampling, to provide Coaldale and WCS a robust data set regarding the ability of the Bio-Domes to address BOD, TSS and Ammonia.