Bio-Shells System in Glencoe, AL

Glencoe wastewater treatment facility sits adjacent to the Coosa River. Glencoe’s facility began in 1974 as a single cell lagoon (0.45MGD). It has had many challenges meeting its BOD treatment required in recent years. This Lagoon was initially excavated to 5’ deep, however it currently has approximately only 3.5’ of water due to an 18” sludge layer. Glencoe is striving to find a best option to increase their treatment capacity while minimizing as much capitol expense as possible.


Among other update options, WCS’ Bio-Shell system was chosen because it was reliable and the most cost-effective alternative. This system provides a large aerated surface and unique aeration pattern, accelerating the ability of beneficial bacteria to grow and effectively reduce undesirable pollutants to provide cleaner water. The unique design of the Bio-Shell results in a high oxygen transfer efficiency with a minimum energy input (2 SCFM per Bio-Shell).



In 2015, Glencoe placed two earthen embankments to change its single cell to three cells lagoon. 10 Bio-Shells were placed in the final cell to provide additional BOD and TSS removal. WCS has been able to engineer a system specifically tailored to the needs and complexity of Glencoe’s Lagoon. The Bio-Shell system started operating in December 2015.


Performance data from December 2015 through August 2016 show that the lagoon operating with one 5 hp blower and its coarse bubble aeration system supplemented by 10 Bio-Shell easily achieved its permit

limits in Glencoe. Effluent BOD remained below 20 mg/L and effluent TSS were usually below 35 mg/L after Bio-Shells were installed (shown in figures below). Beside enable the effluent remain in compliance, the Bio-Shell system consumed minimum energy, required little oversight, and offered a superior option compared to expensive alternatives.




Bio-Dome/Bio-Shell® is featured in “Principles of Design and Operations of Wastewater Treatment Pond Systems for Plant Operators, Engineers, and Managers” (EPA/600/R-11/088).

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