Jackpot experienced problems with nitrogen compounds showing up in their monitoring wells down-grade of the infiltration ponds. They also had high levels of BOD coming out of the primary ponds.

Solution & Results

In September 2009, WCS installed a cold weather pilot of 4 Bio-Domes to confirm BOD and ammonia reduction as water temperatures approached 1 degrees C. Based on pilot results, and a design flow of 300,000 gallons/day, and the use of an Oswald pit to remove a significant portion of the BOD before entering the lagoons; Jackpot installed 25 each 7-shell Bio-Domes and 55 each 4-shell Bio-Domes in the first two cells of their ponds during summer 2010. 50 Bio-Domes, including all of the 7-shell units were installed in cell #1. 30 Bio-Domes were installed in cell #2.Because of the cold weather start, the biology was not able to fully develop and we had to wait till the spring to see treatment increase. The data from samples taken starting in January 2011 is shown below for BOD and Ammonia. As can be seen, the ammonia levels leaving cell #2 didn’t really drop until July 2011. This is because of some issues relating to excessive amounts of BOD entering the ponds. The biology will preferentially consume BOD, and as such, until we were able to get the BOD levels below 30 mg/L the 30 Bio-Domes in cell #2 weren’t able to attack the Ammonia. Since July however the ammonia levels leaving cell#2 have been below 1 mg/L. An additional 105 Bio-Domes were installed in summer 2012.

Jackpot, NV


Customer Feedback

We have been looking for a pond based system economical to operate to help with nitrate removal along with treatment of our effluent.  We did a pilot test on the poo-gloos and found them satisfactory for the process.   Our alternative was to go with a full blown grade III treatment plant that would cost about 4 times as much and be much more labor intensive to operate.  I would recommend WCS to other lagoon systems.   I think WCS is conscientious about their product, in fact somewhat passionate about the submerged media concept.  It is good to have the technical advice offered by the inventors of the concept and to be able to back up the science that makes it work.” – Shawn Burt