Situated in the central mountainous region of CO, Kremmling CO has invested a significant amount of work into their wastewater lagoons over the years. When Kremmling learned that their new permit would require winter ammonia limits, there was concern that the district would have to abandon their lagoons that were otherwise providing excellent effluent quality. After investigating a $6 Million mechanical plant upgrade, RGA was tasked with identifying alternatives to a mechanical plant for the community.

Solution & Results

After contacting WCS and learning that a Bio-Dome upgrade would cost the community less than $750,000, RGA and representatives of Kremmling visited Plain City, Utah in order to make site visits and learn more about the Bio-Domes. In order to prove the Bio-Domes can truly provide reliable nitrification at a location where freezing conditions are experienced 8 months of the year, Kremmling has opted to first bring in a Mobile Pilot Unit for a 12 month study. The pilot unit was delivered in September of 2012 and while it got off to a great start, WCS and Kremmling both underestimated the severity of the weather in Kremmling during the winter months. The pilot unit was plagued with freezing issued for the better part of the winter in spite of additional heating units being brought in.   The results of the pilot study were severely compromised because of this.

Customer Feedback

In spite of the difficulties with the pilot unit, the initial results of the study were such that Kremmling has opted to pursue the Bio-Domes in a larger scale, 50 unit pilot study that will be installed directly into one of their ponds to avoid all of the freezing issues that were part of the mobile pilot study. The larger pilot study (Phase 2) is scheduled to begin in October 2013.