COLORADOCase Study: Lee Mobile Home Park, Dolores, Colorado

Project Information


Dolores, Colorado

Project Type:

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Start Date:

March 2012

Treatment Objectives


12,000 gal/day

Effluent Ammonia Requirement:

1.9 – 5.1 mg/L



Lee Mobile Home Park has 59 resident units with a very small lagoon system providing treatment for the collected waste. The small lagoon system was having troubles meeting the limits set by the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE). The owner of Lee Mobile Home Park, Mr. Rick Lee, contacted WCS after searching for ways to improve BOD and TSS removal, as well as ammonia removal during winter from his wastewater lagoon in late 2011. The combined proven winter performance and the low capital and O&M costs of WCS’s Bio-Dome appealed to Rick from the very beginning.

On March 5, 2012 WCS delivered 6 units to Rick for installation in his third cell as a final polishing step of his wastewater before entering the chlorine contact chamber. After the first couple months of operation, Rick is very excited about the performance he observed:

“We first got air to them (the Bio-Domes) in place on the 21st of July. I am, however, really excited over what I’ve observed is going on in cell 3- the Bio-Domes unit. After refilling the unit (in cell 3) we had an algae bloom of near record proportions. Gradually the bloom subsided and we are at a point of clarity and tint (almost no green tint whatsoever) that I have never observed in cell 3 previously. Obviously, the poo-gloos are working on the nutrient level fairly aggressively already.” – Rick Lee (August 2012)

The Bio-Dome system has been operating to meet the year round discharge limits at Lee Mobile Home Park for the past 6 years. The following figure shows the lagoon effluent ammonia from the year of 2016-2017.

“Our small lagoon based wastewater treatment facility was faced with future ammonia standards that would be impossible to achieve in winter. Searching for a solution I came across Wastewater Compliance Systems and became an early adopter of their Bio-Domes. Thanks to the “Poo-Gloos (Bio-Domes)” and other modifications we are now able to meet our standards year round. “- Rick Lee (July 2017)


Key Benefits of the Bio-Dome®:


  1. A Bio-Dome® system represents the least expensive treatment upgrade available in terms of both capital expense as well as O&M expense.
  2. An upgrade utilizing Bio-Domes will not require operators with additional training, certification, and/or a higher pay grade.
  3. The Bio-Dome® system is intended to be a modular, expandable, system that is capable of growing with the facility over the next 20+ years.
  4. Because of energy efficiency, the Bio-Dome® system can be considered “green” and will aid in qualifying the facility for Energy Efficiency grants if any are available through utility providers.


Bio-Dome® is featured in “Principles of Design and Operations of Wastewater Treatment Pond Systems for Plant Operators, Engineers, and Managers” (EPA/600/R-11/088).

For more on how a Bio-Dome® solution can keep your lagoons compliant at a cost you can afford, DOWNLOAD BROCHURE