Gary Crouch attended a presentation by WCS at the Virginia Rural Water show in April 2011. After the presentation Gary approached WCS about using the Bio-Domes to help address high TSS levels due to algae blooms during the summer. WCS proposed a pilot study through the 2011 summer months to evaluate the Bio-Domes ability to consume the algal TSS after killing it by blocking the sunlight. New Castle’s alternative was a sand filter that would be expensive to both build and operate.

Solution & Results

The pilot study ran from July – September 2011, after it was determined that the Bio-Domes could in fact solve New Castle’s algae problems, the community moved forward with a full scale design and implementation. The Bio-Domes were installed in April of 2012, and while there were a few hiccups during the start up period, after the Bird Balls were installed in the lagoons and a few operational changes were made, the results for both TSS and BOD levels have been exceptional. The historic effluent data can be seen below. The Bio-Domes have kept New Castle well below their permit limit as well as their historic effluent limits since August 2012.

the results for both TSS and BOD levels have been exceptional


Customer Feedback

The community is excited by the money they have saved in capital investments as well as the money they will save operationally.