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The Quincy CSD currently operates a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) plant at their facilities in Quincy, California. They have recently received a more stringent ammonia limit that the current facility is just barely unable to meet. Instead of undertaking a major expansion of their existing mechanical plant, Quincy started looking for alternative ways of enhancing their existing plant and stumbled across the Bio-Domes online. Quincy does have a storage cell for the treated effluent of the RBC’s prior to discharge and wanted to explore the possibility of creating a small polishing cell within the larger storage cell that would be populated with Bio-Domes.

Solution & Results

In June of 2012, WCS delivered a Mobile Pilot Unit to the Quincy CSD wastewater treatment plant and helped them get it set up and running for a 12 month study. The results of the pilot study can be seen below. Quincy was very impressed with both the performance of the pilot study and the overall cost of the projected full scale installation.

Quincy Community Services District


Customer Feedback

Based on the exceptional results of the pilot study, Quincy has opted to move forward with a larger Phase II pilot study by installing 10 units directly into a pond for additional testing during the winter of 2013 to really fine tune the final design parameters for a larger full scale installation in 2014 or 2015.