NEW MEXICOSanta Clara Pueblo, NM


Santa Clara NM has had an underperforming lagoon system for a number of years now and has also started to see an increase in nitrate levels in their aquifers from percolation in their lagoons. WCS made contact with Chris Glime of the Indian Health Services back in 2009, and introduced him to the Bio-Domes. At the time, Chris was looking for a way to accelerate / increase the treatment capacity of the Santa Clara Pueblo’s lagoons and when he saw the cost of the Bio-Domes decided to implement the Domes in an upgrade.

Solution & Results

The second cell of the existing two cell lagoon is being subdivided to create a small, lined treatment cell in the second pond which will be populated with 49 Bio-Domes. The Bio-Domes will be used to provide year round nitrification and denitrification in the treatment cell before being discharged to the percolation cell where the effluent will be percolate through the underlying soil to the groundwater.   No data has been collected from this installation as of yet because they have had some challenges in finishing the rest of the work necessary to bring the Bio-Domes online. WCS is expecting the system to be operational sometime late summer or fall.

Customer Feedback

Chris Glime is reserving judgment on the Bio-Domes until the system is actually up and running, but has indicated a significant amount of interest in the product as the low cost of the Bio-Domes can potentially enable the IHS to stretch its capital improvement budget that much further.