Sludge Bugs

Sludge Bugs™

Sludge Bugs is a groundbreaking alternative solution to physically Dredging a lagoon.
The bacteria formula in Sludge Bugs digests the organic sludge at a fraction of the cost of Dredging

With the high cost of pumping Sludge out, drying and pressing and hauling and dumping, 
Sludge Bugs™ offers an alternative. Digest it.


Our premium Sludge Bugs™ product line is scientifically formulated to treat some of the most common wastewater challenges effectively.

One of the biggest challenges that facilities face is the handling and disposal of sludge. It can be costly and time-consuming to manage, but with Wastewater Compliance System’s Sludge Bugs™ products, you can reduce the volume of sludge while improving dewatering and sludge composition through enhanced digestion. This can lead to significant cost savings and a more efficient process.



One of the most significant operational costs faced by facilities is the handling and disposal of sludge. Our Sludge Bugs™ products provide a highly efficient solution to this challenge, thanks to their ability to enhance digestion and reduce sludge volume. By decreasing the volume of sludge, these products effectively reduce operational costs while also improving dewatering and the composition of the sludge. This translates into significant savings and improved overall performance for facilities that use Sludge Bugs™.

Fat, Oil, And Grease (Fog)

The accumulation of FOG is a common cause of system failures and can be quite costly to remove. Fortunately, our Sludge Bugs™ products offers an effective and environmentally friendly solution which contain specially selected Bacillus strains that are highly effective at breaking down FOG and other similar substrates in a safe and natural way. By incorporating Sludge Bugs™ products into your wastewater management system, you can prevent costly system failures and avoid the expense of traditional FOG removal methods.


Dealing with odors can pose numerous challenges, such as community complaints, lawsuits, and potential fines. Our Sludge Bugs™ products tackle these challenges by targeting the source of biological acids and other odorous compounds, effectively reducing their presence and the associated issues.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H ₂S)

The presence of hydrogen sulfide not only causes unpleasant odors and corrosion but also poses a severe health risk to operators and the community when it reaches high concentrations. Sludge Bugs™ products provide an effective solution to this problem by targeting the source of the issue. The Bacillus bacteria present in our products work to remove both the environment and food source required by sulfur-reducing bacteria (SRBs), the culprits behind the formation of H2S. By eliminating the source of the problem, Sludge Bugs™ products can help facilities maintain a safer and more pleasant environment.


Sludge Bugs™ works by decreasing the presence of malodorous volatile fatty acids (VFAs) and H2S in wastewater systems. As biological treatment products experts we’re dedicated to providing pioneering products and programs that help industries and municipalities resolve issues throughout the entire wastewater management process. With Sludge Bugs™, our unique biological treatment product, we’re able to effectively address H2S and VFA issues. By targeting the root causes of these problems, we’re able to provide a comprehensive solution that improves the overall health of your wastewater system.


To understand how Sludge Bugs™ works, let’s first define some key terms and concepts. H2S is a colorless, corrosive, and poisonous gas with an odor of rotten eggs. VFAs, or short-chain fatty acids, are weak organic acids that often have a malodorous scent. Sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) are anaerobic bacteria that convert sulfate to H2S and utilize VFAs as a food source, while acid producing bacteria (APB) produce VFAs through fermentation. Septicity occurs in wastewater systems when uncontrolled anaerobic conditions cause SRB and APB to proliferate.


Sludge Bugs™ products work by reducing the sulfur and organic food sources available to SRB and APB, inhibiting their growth, and reducing the production of H2S and malodorous VFAs. Bacillus bacteria, a key component of Sludge Bugs™, utilize sulfur as a compound required for growth and compete with SRB for this resource. In addition, Bacillus bacteria also consume FOG and VFA as a food source, creating a healthier microbial community that inhibits the growth of APB and SRB. By reducing competition for these food sources, Sludge Bugs™ can limit the production of malodorous VFAs and decrease the presence of H2S in wastewater systems.


As a leading provider of biological treatment products, Wastewater Compliance Systems is committed to developing innovative solutions for wastewater management. Our Sludge Bugs™ product line is scientifically formulated to tackle some of the most common wastewater challenges, including the presence of H2S and malodorous VFAs. By utilizing Bacillus bacteria to reduce competition for sulfur and food sources, Sludge Bugs™ can create a healthier microbial community that inhibits the growth of APB and SRB, resulting in a more efficient and effective wastewater treatment process.

Sludge Bugs™ provides a proactive approach to H2S, you will see a return on investment for your wastewater treatment facility.

Not only will you save on costly repairs and replacements, but you'll also avoid fines and penalties for odor complaints.


Managing lagoons can present unique challenges such as the accumulation of FOG and sludge, along with H2S and odors. The financial cost and hassle of dredging lagoons and dewatering sludge are often major overheads facilities must manage. Our Lagoon Treatment Program is specifically designed to help you significantly reduce these challenges and other common pains associated with lagoons.

Our team of experts is committed to working with you to find the best solutions to manage and treat your wastewater challenges. Trust Wastewater Compliance Systems to help you find cost-effective solutions and achieve long-lasting results. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


Our application-specific programs are designed to provide you with a solution that works best for your unique needs. We understand the importance of successful treatment, which is why our technical experts are always available to offer hands-on training and support. Our team brings years of experience treating issues within Lift Stations/Collection Systems, Lagoons, and Sludge Tanks.


Our Sludge Bugs™ product line offers effective and innovative biological treatment products that address the unique needs of wastewater management professionals.


As a wastewater management professional, you know that biofilm, sludge, and grease caps can pose a significant challenge in anaerobic environments. These areas are highly attractive to sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and anaerobic purple bacteria (APB), which can cause the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other odor compounds.

At Wastewater Compliance Systems, we have developed a solution that greatly increases the digestion of sludge and biofilms, inhibiting the growth and proliferation of SRB and APB, and reducing the production of H2S and other odors.

Our Sludge Bugs™ products contain Bacillus that increase sulfur consumption, compete for VFAs and FOG as a food source, and digest sludge and biofilms, all while enhancing the overall microbial population. This three-pronged approach fights the formation of

H2S at the source and decreases other odors in waste lagoons, lift stations, sewer lines, force-mains, sludge holding tanks, and digesters.

The destruction of SRB and APB’s anaerobic habitat by Sludge Bugs™ products inhibits their growth and proliferation, which leads to reduced odor production. In addition, this long-term preventative maintenance system not only saves money but also lives when faced with H2S.

The Bio-Drudge™ programs are application-specific and target Lift Stations/Collection Systems, Sludge Tanks, and Lagoons, allowing you to tailor your treatment approach to the specific needs of your facility. And with a dedicated technical service team at your disposal, you can get answers to any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Overall, Wastewater Compliance System’s wastewater treatment programs are a reliable and effective solution for any wastewater management professional looking to solve common facility challenges. By combining bioaugmentation products with a dedicated technical service team, you can find and solve high-cost challenges in your industry, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective treatment process. So why wait? Contact Wastewater Compliance System today to learn more about their effective wastewater treatment programs.

Learn how we can help you reduce hydrogen sulfide and other odors in your wastewater system.

Looking for a reliable and effective way to manage biofilm and sludge, look no further than Sludge Bugs™.
Our solution can help you optimize your wastewater management system and keep your environment odor-free.

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