Without sufficient biological activity present to consume the dissolved compounds in a wastewater lagoon, it is very easy for the discharged water to become non-compliant. WCS understands the importance of biological activity in reducing the levels of contaminants that can harm our waterways. While developing the Bio-Dome, WCS focused on creating optimal conditions to enhance and sustain robust biological activity.

To significantly enhance the biological activity in a wastewater lagoon, there are two core needs: aeration and lots of surface area for biofilm development. Our Bio-Domes simply and effectively introduce the needed air and the requisite surface area into existing water bodies without exorbitant capital costs. Additionally, the unique design of the Bio-Domes results in a high Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (OTE) with a minimum of energy input. Our systems typically require one-third the amount of energy as most aeration systems for the same performance.


As effluent requirements have become more stringent over the years, many communities have had to upgrade their facultative lagoons to aerated lagoons. The increased oxygen, and to some extent the improved mixing, has helped keep communities in compliance for many years. Unfortunately, most aeration systems are incredibly inefficient and require large motors to be effective. This results in high utility bills, and over the life of the system, can increase the cost of the system by a factor of 5-10 times the original cost. Because of its unique design and high OTE, each Bio-Dome requires 1 CFM of air at 5 psi under typical conditions and is able to achieve the same performance as typical aeration systems for a fraction of the cost. Bio-Domes are also easy to install and maintain, making wastewater aeration simple to achieve and cost-effective to maintain.


Biofilm is crucial in establishing robust biological activity in a wastewater lagoon.  Suspended growth bacteria are not always able to develop in sufficient quantities in a typical wastewater lagoon, nor are they capable of surviving in cold weather environments. Biofilm allows a variety of beneficial bacteria to develop in higher concentrations than is possible in suspended growth, however, biofilm growth is limited though by the amount of available surface area in the lagoon.  To overcome this problem, the patented design of Bio-Domes creates an additional 2800 square feet of surface area inside each unit.  This increase in surface area correlates directly to increased biological activity once the biofilm has had a chance to develop. The results of the increased biological activity speak for themselves!

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Coupling the increase in surface area with aeration and a dark environment that discourages algal competition, Bio-Domes have the perfect environment for enhanced biological activity. The patented design of the Bio-Domes is a cost-effective means of reducing unwanted contaminants in wastewater treatment systems. Not only are our systems effective at reducing BOD, Ammonia, and Total Nitrogen levels, but because the bacteria require a carbon source for food, we often see tremendous reductions in TSS levels as well.

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