TSS removal rates are hard to predict because of the diversity of compounds and materials that are all measured together as TSS. When TSS levels are comprised of mostly algae or other organic compounds, Bio-Domes are exceptionally effective at consuming them and lowering the overall levels of TSS in the system.

Below are a few examples of the results achieved using Bio-Domes and Bio-Shells. Additional information can be obtained on request.


Full Scale Installation Results

Below is a chart of the TSS removal rates at a full scale installation. This installation is using Bio-Domes in a small section of pond #2 (see the “Days in Lagoon System” figure) that was sectioned off using a hanging curtain to ensure the water flows through “Bio-Dome alley.” Even though the installation was originally designed for BOD removal, the TSS removal rates were equally as impressive. Originally, the facility utilized a six-cell lagoon system to treat their water. Since the installation of the Bio-Domes, the facility has stopped using three of the cells and is able to remain in compliance.

The Results are Clear

WCS recently performed a pilot study at a refinery in Louisiana. Using our warm weather pilot unit, we were able to bring the ammonia levels in their water down to below 1 mg / L. In addition to ammonia removal, the pilot unit was able to make a significant difference in the appearance (TSS levels) of the wastewater as well. Below is a photograph taken of two samples from the refinery. The bottle on the left is a sample of the influent, and the bottle on the right is a sample of the effluent. The picture says it all:

WCS The Results are Clear